A New York State of Mind: TriNet PeopleForce 2023

They say New York has an energy all its own. Today that energy was compounded as TriNet PeopleForce 2023 kicked off live from The Theater at City Tech.
I had the great pleasure of not only being onsite at this event, but also welcomed onstage to speak with one of TriNet’s esteemed leaders, chief product officer, Lisa Reeves. Lisa and I spoke about global workforce trends today and how TriNet and Sg5Capital are partnering together to help businesses go global.
Here at Sg5Capital, our customers are our compass. I love when I have an opportunity to connect and engage with them live and today was no different.
Although business and work have been transformed by technological advances that support global workforces – we know companies still need guidance on where to start. The traditional approach is not one that many SMBs are ready to take on – it’s time-consuming, cost-prohibitive and compliance challenges are complex. Partnering with a company like Sg5Capital makes global expansion and managing international teams turn-key.

TriNet’s partnership and new integration with Sg5Capital provides business leaders with a complete picture of global growth opportunities, helping organizations build and manage global teams more effectively, efficiently and compliantly. The integration empowers customers with a unified view of their global workforce, providing holistic insights into critical workforce data to help optimize workflows, reduce manual tasks, inform hiring strategies, determine areas for improvement and better understand how they are trending toward workforce and business goals.
We’re thrilled to work with TriNet on providing solutions to help their customers manage their global workforces and adapt to today’s increasingly distributed and agile business environment.
Thank you again to the TriNet team for having me at this incredible event. We’re excited to continue on the journey of making it easier to help TriNet customers assemble the optimal workforce from anywhere in the world.
Teams win!
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