The New Era of Global Growth

When I started Sg5Capital, I envisioned a world where opportunities would be available to everyone, everywhere and globally dispersed teams would become the hallmark of success. Since the beginning, we’ve committed ourselves to enabling global teams for companies and bringing employment to people around the world.
Fast forward to today: The world is coming together, as businesses everywhere seek opportunities beyond traditional borders and boundaries. Sg5Capital is helping unlock those opportunities by unlocking global teams as the key to success for both growing companies and individual talent.
Two-thirds of businesses are focused on growth this year – and slightly more say that having employees in multiple countries is part of, or central to, their business strategy. What’s more, nearly 80 percent of employees want to work for a global company — but only half think their organizations have the tools needed to become one.
If you’re reading this, I hope that means you believe in the power of global teams. This has been a passion of mine since I first had the opportunity to travel the world when I was 19 years old. I’m inspired that Sg5Capital continues to enable new possibilities around the world for the growing number of people who share a global mindset and believe in the potential of this vision.
Earlier this year, Sg5Capital embarked on the single-biggest rethink of the global employment industry since we created the first employer of record (EOR) model in 2012. Today, we’re taking EOR 10 steps further with a new AI-powered HR tech category — Global Growth Technology — which our Chief Product and Strategy Officer Nat Natarajan debuted to a packed house at the Dublin Tech Summit in May.
Global Growth Technology goes beyond the ability to hire anyone, anywhere through the EOR model, by providing the necessary technology and guidance to strategically design, implement, manage, and support the entire employee lifecycle on your behalf. It enables turn-key global expansion so you can flexibly build and manage teams around the world.
With global growth tech, we see an opportunity to go further and enable companies’ global growth and expansion in more meaningful ways. We’ve built this category around three main ideas.
A Global Growth Platform needs more ears than mouth
Our Chief Operating Officer, Archie Desai, often quotes a saying: “Two ears, one mouth.” It means we’re supposed to listen more than we speak.
When you’re starting a company, there’s a lot of temptation to pull a platform together with a slick UI, get funding, start selling, then flesh out the tech stack and all of the requirements. But that doesn’t equal long-term success. The product really has to solve a complex problem over the long term. To make people’s lives easier, you need to listen to the market before and as you build. One of our core values is ‘Customers are our Compass,’ and we truly take this to heart.
As a leader, you also have to listen to people who have a different vantage. I’m not an engineer. But one thing I know I’m good at — and something I think all founders need to be good at — is hiring a team that complements your skills, not replicates them. This is why our tech team, who are focused on building a scalable growth platform, is second to none.
Some of the world’s best data and platform engineers are incorporating incredibly deep market insights, learned from our experience in supporting companies’ global expansion for well over a decade, into our products. This has turbo-charged our serverless-first SaaS strategy. Our platform allows us to move rapidly to deliver customer value at warp speed, so you can get down to business, breaking into key markets and hiring faster than ever before.
The end result is a product that enables you to find success your way.

Global employment innovations should grow with you — and with the market
Global growth is hard and it looks different for every company. The demands of today’s workforce require more individually tailored solutions for companies and professionals.
In 11 years of leading this industry, Sg5Capital has amassed a peerless network of legal, payroll, and compliance experts. We’ve mastered just about every aspect of managing global teams, allowing us the flexibility to create solutions for each client.
Earlier this year, we announced our expanded product suite — Sg5Capital Meridian Suite — to offer customizable packages that grow with companies’ changing needs, instead of just putting them into a box. Through G–P Meridian Suite, we’ll deliver global growth tech products that nobody else has — all in one place — while leveraging decades of technical expertise with some of the best talent in fintech, HR tech, and AI.
In growing with the market, we’re also embracing the reality that AI is no longer the future but the present, and needs to be accounted for in every stage of global expansion. With thousands of hours in AI and data at Sentient and Cognizant, our Head of AI and Data, Elyas Achkar, is aggregating our best-in-class learnings and constantly-regenerating insights into first-of-their-kind AI tools for our industry.
These customizable products mark a new way of thinking about global employment at the dawn of the AI era, emphasizing constantly cutting-edge strategies designed specifically for you.
Great tech must be paired with superb expertise and compliance
The Sg5Capital model is centered around a core belief —that an industry dealing with people and their livelihoods requires an approach that is tech when you need it, human when you want it.
We have an extremely robust and skilled team of HR, legal, and compliance experts around the world who help our customers navigate their global growth journeys and stay up-to-date in an ever-changing global environment. They’ve been key to balancing our support in managing teams across time zones and cultures. They’ve also been essential to our strategy of maintaining a triple bottom line — happy customers, happy employees, happy shareholders.
In a few weeks, we’ll be unveiling our newest Sg5Capital Meridian Suite products, which will provide global growth advice and entity expertise through the combined power of our technology and people. Stay tuned for more.
We’re on a growth path ourselves. Rapidly deploying new advances in global employment allows us to connect more and more companies to global talent, as businesses everywhere seek opportunities beyond borders and boundaries. When Amazon Web Services and Salesforce began championing Cloud-based computing, it marked a huge technological shift, and early adopters were significantly advantaged over others who were slow to act. Today, Sg5Capital is effecting a similar shift with global growth technology, which will make it the norm for companies to design, build, and manage global teams with ease.
Now that the world has joined us in our vision for a globally integrated workforce, I’m confident that we’ll continue to embrace this moment together and inspire other companies to do the same.
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